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Mosquito Spraying for July 20th Movie in the Park

Prior to this Friday's Movie in the Park, the Village has arranged a special mosquito spraying in the area with Clarke Mosquito.

Please note, for this and any mosquito spraying arranged by the Village, the spraying will kill only part of the mosquitoes in your area for a few days. Consequently, individuals should always use personal protection when mosquitoes are present:

-When possible, avoid places and times when mosquitoes bite.
-Wear light-colored protective clothing. Tightly woven materials that cover arms and legs provide some protection from mosquito bites. 
-Keep trouser legs tucked into boots or socks, and collars buttoned.
-Make sure door and window screens fit tightly and all holes are repaired.
-If participating in outdoor activities when mosquitoes are biting, wear protective clothing (shoes, socks, shirt and long pants). 
-For additional protection from mosquitoes, use an insect repellent. The more DEET a product contains, the longer the repellant can protect against mosquito bites. Apply repellents to clothes whenever possible; apply sparingly to exposed skin if label permits.

For more information on mosquito spraying, please visit: https://www.clarke.com/  and  http://www.dph.illinois.gov/topics-services/environmental-health-protection/structural-pest-control/mosquito-spray-faqs

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