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Crack Filling Operations

On Wednesday, November 10th the Village’s contractor, Patriot Paving, will be performing crack filling operations on certain Village roads.  Crack filling was originally scheduled for Friday, November 12, but due to potential weather issues the contractor has moved the Village up on the schedule.  During this process we request that residents please remove their vehicles from the streets of the affected areas.  Crack filling is a mobile work zone and we request that residents driving by this work zone exercise the upmost caution when doing so as there will be workers, trucks and machinery in the area.  Crack filling operations also create a certain amount of dust due to cleaning road cracks with compressed air, this is will not be a large amount of dust and should dissipate shortly as the work zone continues to move.  Material is anticipated to set shortly after placement, however, as a precaution the contractor will treat filled areas with soap and water to act as an anti-bonding agent to prevent vehicles from picking up the material when driving over recently done roads. After crack filling operations are complete, the Village plans to send a street sweeper to clean up any extra debris.  Weather permitting we anticipate crack filling operations to be completed in one day.  Below you will find a list of roads that are scheduled to be crack filled this year, please note completion of all roads is dependent on the severity and number of cracks:
Columbia Lane
Rockville lane (Columbia Ln to Columbia Ln)
Reston Lane (Rockville Ln to Columbia Ln)
Tyler Creek Street
Windmill Place
Tollview Terrace
Tollview Court
Park Street
Park Court

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the Village’s Public Works Department at (847) 428-4167.

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