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Police Department

Gilberts Police Department

Our Police Officers are on duty 24/7.

The Police Department is located at:
86 Railroad Street
Gilberts, IL 60136

Administration & Records Services:
Available from 7:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday.

To contact Dispatch in the case of an Emergency:
Dial 911

To contact Dispatch for a Non-Emergency Issue:
Phone: 630-232-8400

To contact the Police Department about Reports, Fines, or Fingerprints:
Phone: 847-428-2861
Fax: 847-428-4232

To pay for Ordinance Tickets, Overweight Truck Permits, or an Administrative Tow Fee:
Phone: 1-800-352-9870
Online: www.courtmoney.com 
Please see the following .pdf document for more information: Court Money Payment Directions

What is an example of an ordinance violation ticket?
Tickets issued for: parking, fireworks, loose dogs, nuisances, and loud noise complaints.

Police Services

Crime Prevention

The Gilberts Police Department currently has an officer assigned as Crime Prevention Offices. The Crime Prevention Officer is trained in household security and can advise residents on how to make their homes more secure against theft and burglary. If you would like to know more about home security, contact the Gilberts Police Department at (847) 428-2861 ext. 204.


Ride-Along Program

The Gilberts Police Department currently operates a Ride-Along Program that enables residents 18 and over to ride along with an officer on patrol. In order to ride along with an officer, individuals must complete a waiver of liability. Waivers are available at the Gilberts Police Department and must be completed and returned so that car and patrol assignments can be made. Residents who are interested in participating in the Ride-Along Program are invited to stop by the Gilberts Police Department, 86 Railroad Street for more information. Information is also available by calling the station at (847) 428-2861 ext. 202.


House Watch Program

If you are leaving home for an extended period, use timers or other devices to turn lights on and off to make your home looked lived in. Try to have neighbors or relatives pick up mail, mow grass, and clear snow in your driveway.

If you will be away for a week or more, you may request a house-watch by the Police Department. Please call to make the necessary arrangements. Be prepared to supply dates you will be gone, phone number of a person to contact in case of an emergency, description of vehicles left in the driveway and location of lights that are on timers.



Fingerprinting is available to residents of Gilberts by appointment only by calling (847) 428-2861 ext. 202.


Gun Locks

The Gilberts Police Department provides free gun locks to all residents requesting assistance in securing their firearms. The gun lock program was started in order to help reduce the likelihood of a tragic accident with a firearm, especially those involving children. You will be asked to complete a form so please bring your FOID card with you.


Child Safety Seat Inspections

The department offers child car safety seat inspections by appointment. Contact Officer the Gilberts Police Department at 847-428-2861 ext. 202.


Safe Haven

Illinois offers a safe option for a desperate parent in crisis. By handing your unharmed baby, 30 days old or younger, to personnel at any hospital, emergency medical facility, staffed fire station, or police station:
     ♦ You can walk away with no questions asked
     ♦ The baby will be cared for and placed in a loving home for adoption.
     ♦ No attempt whatsoever will be made to contact you. No crime will have been committed.

This is TRULY a safe process.

 Safe Haven.jpg

Consumer Drug Take-Back

We have a medication disposal receptacle in the entryway of the police station.

Accepted medications include:

  • Prescription Medications
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Medication Samples


Medications shall be removed from the original container and placed in a clear, self-closing disposable bag, such as a zip lock type bag, provided by the citizen disposing the medication.

The disposal receptacle is available during normal office hours, but may be accessed 24 hours a day by using the telephone inside the yellow box hanging outside the front door.

                                                                                                                                                     Gilberts Police Department Patch

Police Department Facts

Police personnel consist of:

♦ 1 Full-time Police Chief
♦ 1 Full-time Administrative Specialist
♦ 8 Full-time Patrol Officers
♦ 11 Part-time Patrol Officers

The Department covers over 5 square miles of area and serves a population of 8,349 as of the 2020 census.

The Gilberts Police Department participates in mutual aid providing support to neighboring municipalities, Kane County Sheriff and Illinois State Police on an as-needed basis. In addition, if the department requires additional resources, these agencies provide resources to the Gilberts Police Department on an as-needed basis.

The Gilberts Police Department is dispatched by Kane County Emergency Communications (KaneComm), an area-wide consolidated dispatch service which is located in Geneva, IL. 

                                  GPD Patch.jpg

                               Gilberts Police Department
                                       125th Anniversary

                                   Commemorative Badge


Goals of the Department

The scope of the police function is defined by its goals. As a result, the police function must be broadly interpreted to include many tasks other than the enforcement of laws. The overall goals of the Gilberts Police Department and each employee include:
♦ Protection of life and property
♦ Prevention of crime
♦ Preservation of the public peace
♦ Enforcement of laws and ordinances
♦ Arrest law violators, and the assembling of competent evidence of the alleged violation
♦ Promotion of respect for the law and for those sworn to enforce it, and promotion of citizen cooperation in law enforcement
      ♦ Enhancement of public safety and promotion of community services

Gilberts Police Department Value Statement
♦ The Gilberts Police Department will provide courtesy service to all citizens.
♦ The Gilberts Police Department will work to develop a partnership with the various neighborhoods in order to prevent crime, strengthen neighborhood groups and improve the quality of neighborhood life.
♦ The Gilberts Police Department will vigorously pursue those who commit crimes.
♦ The Gilberts Police Department is committed to maintaining an efficient and effective police organization based on sound and current management philosophies.
♦ The Gilberts Police Department will balance the maintenance of organizational stability and continuity with the encouragement of innovative and creative thinking to avoid stagnancy.
♦ The Gilberts Police Department, recognizing that all its employees are important, will encourage participation in the organization at all levels.
♦ The Gilberts Police Department will maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all its actions.
♦ The Gilberts Police Department is committed to developing a reputation in the law enforcement community as a progressive and professional police organization.




On behalf of the men and women of the Gilberts Police Department, thank you for visiting the Gilberts Police Department webpage. I trust that you will find the information provided to be helpful and timely. I am honored to lead an organization as talented as the Gilberts Police Department which is comprised of many compassionate, professional employees who are dedicated to meeting the needs of the community.  As an organization, we strive to create an atmosphere that is based upon the expectations of excellent police services.  The strength of the police department rests on the quality of our employees and partnerships with the community. If you have questions that are not answered on our webpage, please feel free to contact me or the department for further information.


As Chief of Police, I am proud and honored to serve the community, the village, and members of the department.

Todd Block

Chief of Police




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