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Road Program Updates

Road Resurfacing Program for Timber Trails and Timber Glen


Update as of June 17, 2022:

The Timber Trails/Timber Glen Road Program is nearing its completion. When the week ends we will have all roads involved with the project completed up to the surface level.  This means that you will be free to park on the roads again! The final step of the project will be completing any punch list items and completing the striping in the subdivision.  We are very excited for the completion of this project, considering the weather we have had this spring, the outcome and completion of the project only two weeks past the estimated completion date is a major success. 

Update as of June 8, 2022:

First we would like to thank everyone for their patience with the road program!  It’s always a challenge to work through neighborhoods in the summer months and we promise we are almost to the finish line.  By our latest contractor estimates we are around 5-6 working days away from completing the project.  Below is a list of the roads that still need to be completed and we ask that residents continue to not park on these roads, including overnight parking, as we finish the project.  Please be aware that the contractor places tack coat in the early morning hours of the day to ensure that it dries before traffic gets on the roads.  The tack coat can overspray onto vehicles if left on the roads overnight.  Again we thank you for your patience during this project, we can’t wait for this to be completed to see all of the fresh new roads in the neighborhood!

  • Timber Trails Boulevard
  • Summit Drive (Plus Courts)
  • Gregory M Sears 
  • Woodland Park Circle (East of Timber Trails Blvd.)
  • Aspen Circle
  • Meadows Drive
  • Briarwood Drive (Meadows to Alpine)
  • Brentwood Drive
  • Augusta Drive
  • Greenbriar Drive
  • Alpine Drive

Update as of May 19, 2022:

Schroder Asphalt has been making there way through the subdivision laying down a poly leveling layer.  They are now over half way through the subdivision with this layer and plan to lay down the surface level right after! The contractor does plan to work this Saturday (weather pending) so please be aware that no cars are allowed to park on the street during this time.  We are incredibly grateful for the patience the residents of Timber Trails and Timber Glen have showed during this process! We realize it is a disruption and ask for your continued cooperation with the Village as we continue to move the project one more step toward completion.

Update as of May 10, 2022:

Schroeder Asphalt has informed the Village of their intention to start the level binder process, which will include the application of oil and a layer of leveler to prep the roads for surface material.  Schroeder plans to start the process of applying the oil on roads early Wednesday (5/11) morning starting on the West side of the Timber Trails/Timber Glen Subdivision and moving East.  Signs have been placed noting “Fresh Oil” in all areas planned to have oil placed on them in the coming days.  Schroeder will do their best to apply oil in the early morning hours so it has time to dry before residents start moving through the area, however, all commuters should travel with caution and slow speeds when traveling on roads with oil.  The leveling process is estimated to occur for the next 10 days (weather pending) and crews plan to work on Saturdays to expedite the process. 

Please have all cars moved off the roads during these times.  If you have any questions regarding the project or the schedule please contact the Village of Gilberts Public Works Department at (847) 428-2861.

Update as of April 28, 2022:

With the asphalt plants opening up this past week you may have noticed a lot of action in the Timber Trails and Timber Glen subdivisions.  Most of the patch work is completed and landscape restoration in the majority of the subdivisions has been started.  If you do not see grass seed and matting yet in your landscaped areas have no fear!  The contractors will be coming around and performing that work shortly!

The major work in the area started today and will continue until the project is completed.  The contractor has start milling the roads and will continue through performing this work in each phase of the project. It will be important to keep your cars off the roads while this work is being performed.  Some of the phasing has changed since the last update and we have decided it would be better to move west to east in the subdivision for the traffic and truck flow.  We will have an updated phasing map on the Village Website shortly!

Most importantly we greatly appreciate everyone’s patience during this project.  We understand that the construction can be a great disruption to the daily lives of our residents.  Everyone wants the project to be completed as efficiently as possible while maintaining high quality during the work.  As always if you have any questions or concerns about the project please contact the Public Works Department at (847) 428-2861. 


Update as of March 17, 2022:

Timber Trails & Timber Glen Concrete Work and ADA Update - 

Residents will start to see some of the concrete work that will be taking place over the next few weeks.  Starting Monday, crews will begin removing various sections of curb, sidewalk and even sections of bike path.  Most of these areas will occur at intersections (pictured) where we will be updating all of the old ADA transitions to meet the new federal requirements!  Please be patient with crews as work moves forward, they will be progressing through the subdivision in phases.  To find the phasing plan please see the map on the top of this page. If you have any questions regarding the work being completed you can contact the Public Works Department at (847) 428-2861 Option 4.

Update as of March 10, 2022:

Concrete Work: On Monday March 14, residents will begin to see white flags and paint along with Julie Locate flags to show where the concrete work will be starting.  Concrete work is anticipated to begin on March 21 (weather pending).  The Schroeder Asphalt or their subcontractor will supply the residents with 48-hour notice prior to any work being performed.  Additionally, driveway access is planned to be maintained during all times, when this is not possible (i.e., curb work in front of a house) the resident will be notified in advance to be given the opportunity to move all vehicles from the driveway. 

Road Paving: The contractor is tentatively scheduled to start road paving procedures in the middle of April. Work will be continues through the subdivision  moving along in the represented phasing plan shown on this page.  Additionally, the contractor will be posting no parking signs to notify residents that cars should not be parked on the roads during the time of work to be completed (7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Mon-Fri).  The process of paving will include the milling of asphalt from the road, a placement of tack material, a placement of asphalt leveler, and a placement of HMA Surface Material.  The tack coat material, when wet, can stick to cars when driving on the material.  We urge all drivers to travel with caution when they see the signage indicating that a fresh tack coat has been applied to the roads.  The contractor will be limiting the exposure time by spraying roads the day of paving, however, this will not always be the case. 

Estimated Completion: Tentatively, the estimated time for completion on the project is late May of 2022 (weather pending). Please click here to see a map of the projected phases of this project. 

If any resident is concerned if the contractors they see around the subdivision should be there or not, please see the following list of subcontractors that will be performing work on the project:

  • Shroeder Asphalt
  • Shroeder & Schroeder
  • JCNC Ventures (TruSeal)
  • Reds Landscaping and Construction
  • Utility Dynamics
  • CGMT

Starting in the Spring of 2022, the Village will begin a road resurfacing program in the Timber Trails and Timber Glen subdivisions. This project will consist of road resurfacing work, where the contractor will grind down the top 2” of asphalt and replace with new material.  Before this work commences, concrete work and patching in bad areas of the road will occur.  The concrete work will consist of updating all ADA related areas, as well as replacing curb and sidewalk as needed. 

Here are some key things to remember when living alongside a large paving project:

  • There will be a large amount of vehicles traveling through the subdivision, the Village and paving contractor will do our best to keep to main routes in the subdivision to reduce traffic on side streets. 

  • Once the project begins residents should not park on the street during working hours (7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.) Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday. 

  • While the disruption will seem like it lasts for a long period of time, roads paved correctly will look great and last for many years!  We ask for your patience during this time and hope you enjoy the new roads when completed!

If residents would like to get a price to replace their driveway and apron at their own cost, they can contact Shroeder Asphalt at (815) 923-4380 and reference the Timber Trails + Timber Glen Road Paving Project. Residents are under no obligation to replace their driveways or aprons. 

This page will be continuously updated with new information as we receive it. If you have any questions regarding this road program, please contact the Public Works Department at 847-428-2861 Option 4.


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