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Proposed Truck and Trailer Parking/Repair Facility on Mason Road

There have been emails and flyers circulated recently about a proposed trailer and truck parking facility on Mason Road that would be developed in the County. Some of the information in these communications does not accurately reflect the Village's activities with respect to this proposed facility, and it's important that residents have accurate information.

First, it is not true that the Village of Gilberts has not been willing to meet about this proposed facility. In fact, Village Staff has met with representatives of the developer. In addition, the Village President met with the Kane County Chair and County Board member Cliff Surges about this proposed facility. Also, a number of Village Board members and Village Staff attended the informational gathering at the Eagles Club with residents and the developer to express concerns and ask questions. Like other residents, Village Board members are trying to gather information about the proposed facility to understand its impact on the Village and its residents; however, until a formal application is filed with the County, there is nothing official for the Village to do or to respond or react to.

Second, until a formal application is submitted to Kane County that includes details about their storm water management plans, the Village cannot determine whether the developer's storm water improvements will have an impact on Village residents and property within the Village, whether positive or negative.

Once the developer has filed a formal application with Kane County that is made available to the public, the Village Engineer will be able to analyze the development and engineering plans and determine the impact this project might have on the Village and its residents. Until then, there just isn't enough information available to the Village to determine whether this proposed project will impact the Village and its residents (positively or negatively) from a storm water, traffic, noise, or other perspective.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Village Hall directly at (847) 428-2861.

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